Autoliv Logistic Integration System

Kindly be noticed that this PO is issued in accordance with and governed by the General Purchasing Conditions of Autoliv (GPC), the Autoliv Supplier’s Manual (ASM), the Autoliv Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics (COC) and the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), all of which were signed and accepted by the Supplier. Any damages, costs, expenses or losses directly or incidentally incurred by Autoliv due to any breach by Supplier, including but not limited to cease of supply without sufficient notice (12 months under GPC) or any quality defects, will be fully claimed and recovered accordingly.

请注意,本订单系根据供应商曾经签署并接受的奥托立夫采购通则(GPC)、奥托立夫供应商手册(ASM), 奥托立夫商业行为和道德准则(CoC)以及保密协议(NDA)发出,并受前述文件的约束。因供应商的任何违约行为, 包括但不限于未经充分的提前通知(GPC规定的通知期为12个月)而停止供货或质量瑕疵, 而给奥托立夫造成任何直接或间接的损害、费用、支出和损失的,奥托立夫都将严格根据合同条款全额索赔。